How to Renovate your Industrial Loft

A loft in my opinion is one of the best spaces to live in. From the industrial exposed brick to the lack of walls, amenities and insulation, renovating a loft to look like a perfect home is harder than it looks.
But with the right touches and the right attitude you can make any Loft into Stunning work of Art.

Because lofts have large open spaces, and big Industrial windows; An exciting furniture collection and a working wood-burning stove keep the industrial space from looking and feeling cold, particularly important during New York’s snowy winters.

The right interior layout and design will have your loft scream out “Gorgeous”. Original brick walls with decade’s worth of paint layers bring additional antique vibes to the space. To make stand out even more, add vintage letters on top of a door way to call attention to the other room.

Submit more photos and ideas on how to make a Loft more into a Loved Home.

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