We are the Agent’s & Developer’s BEST friend.


If you (or your client) needs to find a Distressed Property in Brooklyn. Well, we can help.


+ We manually search through all the properties on Zillow/Redfin/Realtor/ForSaleByOwner and much more on a daily basis.

+ We manually search through all the property listings through Brooklyn MLS (as well as Queens MLS) properties every day.

+ We use over 15 different marketing channels from Adwords/Yahoo/Bing/Adroll/Facebook/LinkedIn and much more.

+ We manually select the desired properties on Craigslist/Backpage and Newspaper Classifieds each day.

+ We cold call every Pre-Forclosure, Foreclosure, and Bank Owned (REO) property.

+ We perform Door-to-Door introductions and original marketing Mailing strategies.

+ We strategically mapped and installed over 100 Bandit Signs a week in Brooklyn.

+ We search every week all the Kings Supreme Court Foreclosure properties.

+ We get Wholesale deals directly from Real Estate Developers.




We spend an extra 1-3 hours VETTING each property to properly ESTIMATE and provide you with a detailed list of these 700 properties a month, 175 properties a week, or 25 properties a day, 7 days a week.


Here is an example of our Daily Estimates

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What are your benefits?
✔ You don’t need a WHOLE team of people calling/searching/evaluating leads.
✔ You know the EXACT market value of each property and its surroundings.
✔ You know the maximum offer price BEFORE even seeing the property.
✔ You know exactly how much a FUTURE property can sell for.
✔ You can go over 140 properties a week in a FEW minutes.
✔ You DRASTICALLY reduce your company’s expenses.
✔ You can SOLELY focus on seeing properties.
✔ You don’t NEED to have MLS access.


You get approximately 700 VETTED LEADS a month.
+ 5-Days Free Trial, cancel ANYTIME.
Massive discount to Agents with PROOF of license, read the FAQ’s and for more answers to your questions.


Hidden Facts:

We spend 85% of our budget on marketing, as well as knocking on all the doors in Brooklyn to get unique leads. So yes, we deliver the whole package to satisfy the needs of our clients. This in turn, provides us with market leadership to build an extraordinary funnel of leads.

Rest assure we have moved on to investing in Mid/High Rise Commercial Buildings and NOT taking on renovations of Single/Multi-Family Properties, so all these leads are unique and are not pre-selected or modified in any shape, way or form. As a matter of fact, you can test each and every single one of them, by calling and seeing for yourself, even during your 5-day free trial.

Again, here is a comprehensive FAQ that should answer every single question you might have.