Going green or in our Case Renovating Green, can be a great game changer. Call us TreeHuggers, if you will but if your Tired of paying crazy property, city, and state Tax, you will call us your friend. Why not renovate green and save yearly on your taxes. The government, state and city give large tax breaks on green efficient building, commercial spaces and residential homes. Get LEED accredited and save even more.
Here at MyRenovations we will help design and Renovate according to LEED. We will get you approved and accredited. Reduce your energy consumption by 30% and help the ecological benefits.
We create healthy Renovated Spaces through our extensive Knowledge of eco-Friendly solutions. Our green living Renovations are designed to protect your family/friends or co-workers by eliminating dangerous chemicals while crafting unique and elegant spaces designed to fit your needs. For many years MyRenovations has been creating Healthy spaces by providing a green alternative to all your renovation needs. We employ LEED Accredited professionals, We are a certified General Contractor and a certified LEED Renovator.
We offer a full range of services from planning and programming through design, documentation and construction administration to our fellow Brooklyn-Nights for new custom homes, remodeling, commercial and educational projects.
With experience in both LEED and Green Point Rated projects, we strongly advocate green, sustainable, energy-efficient building materials and methods as a means of reducing the energy required to construct and operate buildings. We have recently completed a 180 point certified GreenPointRated new home in manhattan and have a new LEED Platinum target house under construction in nearby.
We persistently push the envelope of small firm architectural practice and technology, using intelligent 3D CAD software and other software and web-based tools, to communicate, translate early designs seamlessly into construction documents and manage design changes without disrupting the building process. The firm’s approach not only improves the final design and efficiency, but produces final drawings faster and more accurately than more traditional methods.