If so, we will provide you with a MASSIVE discount. All we need is your First/Last Name along with your Certification. We will get back to you within 24 hours with a customized coupon ONLY to you. This discount will remain active for the lifetime of your subscription, but the coupon code will deactivate if 24 hours for security purposes. Just sent the information to Subs [at] MyRenovations [dot] com.
Yes, however, we focus on investing (not renovating) in Mid/High Rise Commercial buildings.
You can Google them the minute you get it, or sometimes we even show you the name of the Agent.
Approximately 700 leads per month vetted specifically for developers, these leads are not your typical retail market value properties.
We looked through every single one of them and vetted them for you. Developers should be searching for distressed properties below market value, not retail market properties.
No, exclusively in Brooklyn.
Many Agents put properties that are in Brooklyn but post it in their Long Island terminals.
You will continue receiving the leads, payment will be automatically deducted from the credit card.
Send us an email (from the PayPal email you used) to UnsubscribeMe [at] MyRenovations [dot] com. Ideally, tell us also "why?" So we can better accustom all our client's needs.
We just send you the leads, no marketing, or selling of your information. Your credentials are 100% safe.
We track the IP’s of the emails we get so that people don’t keep using the 5 day trial period or sell the leads to other people.
Send us an email (from the PayPal email you used) to UnsubscribeMe [at] MyRenovations [dot] com
Of course, just use the same emails address that you used previously for your PayPal, and send it to Comps [at] MyRenovations [dot] com
No, however, if you cancel (as an example) in the middle of the month of April, we will still provide you all the leads until the end of April.
You will receive the leads the minute we get them, so sometimes it might skip a day or two once in a while.
No, these properties are sent specifically to the network of subscribers. We also monitor the IP’s and all the sharing functions of the estimates.
This is as close as it gets, we still request you to go see the property yourself, as these are only desktop analysis.
Absolutely not, we did the hardest part by sourcing out and sending a complete desktop analysis for you, all you need to do is go see the property and evaluate it further yourself.
As you are aware these properties get sold very quickly so further extending these estimates are useless. This also safeguards us from people sharing and sending these estimates to people outside the network.
Yes, we provide 2 free months when you sign up for 1 year, you can email us at Subs [at] MyRenovations [dot] com to obtain more information.
Yes, please provide us with the First/Last Name and Email of the paying referral you have added, and email us at Subs [at] MyRenovations [dot] com.
Yes, please provide us with the First/Last Name and Email you inputted in the paying terminal, as well as your old emails address. Then send it to Subs [at] MyRenovations [dot] com.